If you do not claim benefits all is not lost, fill in the form below and we will see what we can do for you through the

Local Authorities Flexible Eligibility Scheme.


Please let us remind you that there no obligation for this application.


I can confirm that I'm happy for Broad Oak Properties Ltd. to hold my personal information on file, undertake a benefit check on my behalf and to contact me with regards to my application.

What Is Flexible Eligibility?

If you or nobody else living in your property claims any benefits/credits there is another way in which you could be eligible through a very short normally a page or two pages long questionnaire from the local authority which our team can walk you through. It's not uncommon that our customers are entitled through Flexible Eligibility in fact in some areas it makes up 80% of our installs.


Each council have different criteria for their flexible eligibility and it’s not a way of the council funding the install its just a vehicle that can entitle you to the same government finding as if you were on benefits under the ECO scheme.


It never hurts for our office to simply walk you through your local authority flexible eligibility statement of intent to see if you could be eligible. So all we need from you is to fill out the 30-second form above and we will contact you to handle the rest.


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